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The fashion world certainly has its leading ladies, women whose confidence and radiant eclectic fashion sense has captivated followers all over the world. Meet Tatyana, an inspiring fashion blogger and life enthusiast whose’s passion for style, clothing and jaw-dropping photography caught our attention immediately. Naturally, we wanted to know more about the lady behind the incredibly successful Lafotka, a blog that embodies a 21st-century fashion paradise. It is a haven for style tips and so much more, a full range view into Tatyana’s awe-inspiring life.

We were fortunate enough to get a one on one session with this style brilliant fashionista and even brought some goodies along from our wide selection of sunglasses for her to choose from. Here is just how our short interview with this bundle of joy went:


We saw that you really like the Celine sunglasses. What made you choose them? 

 I have always been a fan of CELINE brand and now I am also obsessed with their eye-wear. Having previously acquired a pair of Celine Audrey Sunglasses from SmartBuyGlasses, I simply had to have prescription glasses by CELINE as well. Although there are so many various designs to choose from, it’s the signature chunky frames that always catch my eye and I believe really suit the shape of my face.

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 What trends do you think we’ll see for eyewear this year?

I know that retro designs are still going strong this year and for girls there’s a focus on the 70s thin rimmed shape in particular, but because there’s so much variety and different fashion era influences reworked in to 2016, it’s all about being bold, brave and using eye-wear as a real accessory by making a statement.

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 What are some of your favourite eyewear styles?

 You can’t beat a classic Ray-Ban Aviator, but this year I’m head over heels with these Aviator Flash Lenses Sunglasses, these Hermosa chunky sunglasses frames by Le Specs which are super affordable and there’s something about this Fendi Jungle pair that just screams Summer . My favorite prescription spectacle designs just now are these classics Burberry frames .

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Biggest challenge about fashion blogging?

There are so many and it’s what makes blogging about fashion so fun for me, but the one I encounter on a regular basis is the weather. It can start raining in Scotland at any minute of the day and although I may have my sunglasses on in most of my shoots – don’t be fooled! I either don’t have eye make-up on or protecting my mascara from the rain! You see how eye-wear works for me?

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Image credit: Lafotka.com

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