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10 Questions with … The Everyday Man


Music, cars, fitness, travel and fashion. The Everyday Man blogs out of the UK covering a cross section of interest for the general male and not just for the fashion elites. The Everyday Man features a refreshing, down to earth, practical approach which appeals to real men everywhere to be their better, greater self. We were lucky enough to catch up with John Robertson, the man behind the blog which has grown massively over the past few years. Check out our feature below!

10 Questions with The Everyday Man

How did you get started with The Everyday Man?

A friend of mine started a blog and she suggested I tried one too. I really had no idea at that point or intention of it becoming a job. I was pretty lucky that things moved quite quick and I was able to turn it into a career, sometimes I still can’t believe that it is a job.

Dressing dapper with friends.

Greatest satisfaction of being a fashion blogger?

When you meet someone you don’t know and they tell you they follow your blog and love your articles. It is very humbling. I still don’t really think about people reading or following my stuff but it is really nice to know that people trust your opinion.

The Everyday Man receives comments from readers.

Who is your style icon?

Well mine like most guys is David Beckham. He never gets it wrong (well nowadays anyway).

David Beckham in Sunglasses.Image Credit: @UpscaleHype on Twitter

Describe your personal style.

My everyday style is pretty clean and simple. I wear lots of white, black and grey. Slim jeans, white t-shirt and trainers is my signature look.

Simple, masculine style.

Would you say glasses are the finishing touch to any outfit?

Sometimes they can be, even if you are not wearing them they can complete an outfit by popping a pair in your pocket or something.

The Everyday Man

Tell us about your taste in eyewear.

I’m pretty safe so I like classic shapes and styles from the likes of Persol and Rayban. I do like to try the bolder styles but know that I will end up with something classic, I like the fact that I can wear them year after year and they don’t date.

Man in a coat

What eyewear trends can we expect to see this Summer?

People are getting bolder with their choices so I expect to see more of that. Men’s styles in particular have really evolved recently. I think nowadays there’s not so much men’s or women’s glasses as it is more about your own face shape and what suits you. Anything goes.

Man in the gym

A few questions for fun!

What would you eat after a big night out to satisfy late night cravings?

Always a ham sandwich, it is my guilty pleasure after a few drinks and they are so quick and easy to make, even after a few drinks!

 Ham SandwichImage Credit: @GourmetTweets on Twitter

Any weird interests or hobbies?

Not really. I think I’m a little boring sometimes to be honest. I am a bit of a hoarded and keep all sorts of stuff from my travels but I don’t think that is that unusual.

Stuff on a shelf

What’s your must have accessory?

A large clutch.  I take one with my everywhere to hold my business cards, sunglasses, phone charger, pen etc.

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Image Credit: TheEverydayMan.co.uk