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A SmoonStyle Tale ft. Simone Simons

A SmoonStyle Tale ft. Simone Simons


There’s a well fitting quote by Jamaican reggae singer, Bob Marley that says:

The greatness of a person is not in how much wealth they acquire, but in their intergrity and ability to affect those around them positively.

The Blogger, The Singer, The Fashionista

The quote is certainly a perfect one to describe the humble spirited and fiery filled lady, Simone Simons. Creator of SmoonStyle: a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog or haven if you will, to its huge following, Ms. Simons has been an online and offline sensation right from the start of sharing her journey with the world.

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Images by Simone Simons

With such a multifaceted personality and a passion for the arts, it’s no surprise that Simone has ongoingly pulled our eyes and ears right onto her adventure trail, and has kept us religiously tuned in to her life. We decided to meet up with Simone yet again to get a more personal feel of her journey, the inspiration behind it and a practical day in the life of  Simone”. 

We set up a date, sat in with our SmoonStyle gal, and got right into the juicy stuff, all the questions that her fans have been waiting to ask her.

Let’s Get Started.

“So Simone, can you tell us a little bit about what you were doing before you started SmoonStyle? What inspired you to create a blog and how has it transformed your career?”

I have been traveling around the world with my band EPICA ever since I am 17. Doing my own hair, make up and shopping for stage clothes, I often got questions from fans on how I create the looks etc. Add to that my love for photography and writing and you have SmoonStyle. SmoonStyle is a great way for me to show the people on the internet what I find fascinating. It co exists next to my profession as a singer. I can incorporate it really well

Smoonstyle in Autumn

Images by EPICA and Simone Simons

Balancing It All

One can only imagine the ups and downs that come with being an online blogger, a mother and traveling all over the world throughout the year.  We might even assume that it’s all glitz and glam managing such a well-meshed career and lifestyle and while Simone did note that while there are some unparalleled satisfactions of meeting fashion lovers along the way, there have been, and still are, challenges along the way.

“Can you tell us what you consider as the greatest satisfaction of being a fashion blogger as well as the biggest challenge you have faced since you started your style blog?”

Unfortunately, I can only attend little amount of events. Due to my heavy travel schedule, I can only accept so many. I love meeting other women that have a passion for make up and fashion. I’ve made friends through the blog.”

A Passion For Fashion

Even without meeting her in person , all it takes is a flash look at Simone’s blog to leave a lasting impression of her tasteful fashion appeal.  One of the reasons that here fan base is so in tune with her fashion sense is because of its versatility, an attribute that she credits to the artistic theme and feel of the music that her band produces.

My stage clothes mostly are inspired by the art work of the latest album. Our brand’s new album ‘The Holographic Principle’, which is set to be released at the end of September, gave me inspiration for clothes. I love the colour spectrum of a hologram. Luckily, I managed to find some great clothing online and also had outfits made by Ingeborg Steenhorst from ‘I Style Stars’. 

Simone’s everyday outfits are a modern day mix of comfort, sophisticated and chic. She enjoys darker more solid colours in her outfits such as black and gray and adds a splash of colour with brightly layered lips or with a pair of stylish sunglasses.

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Images by Simone Simons

The Sunnies That Catch Simone’s Eye

In our first encounter with Simone, we noticed that she had a tasteful passion for sunglasses, which sparked our interest to collaborate with her on a number of occasions. This time around, we wanted to find out if she had a particular “brand favorite.”

I’ve been a collector of Ray-Ban sunglasses ever since I started the blog. Ray-Ban is just a timeless, classic brand. Good quality and iconic shades. They still keep the classics alive while they release new shades. For me, sunglasses are the finishing touch to any outfit. I do also really need them as I have very sensitive eyes. I even wear them when the sun is hiding. Call me, Gizmo haha!

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

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Images by Simone Simons


“What is your personal taste in eyewear? What are the colours and the shapes that you look out for in a pair sunnies? Are you more into darker earthy colours or perhaps much brighter splashes of colour?”

My taste has evolved over the years. It took me a while to figure out to find out that not all glasses fit the shape of my face. My advice for when you are shopping for new sunnies is to always keep in mind that the celebrities may have a different face shape than you.

Golden advice from our very own shining star. It is true that face-shape makes all of the difference when it comes to selecting the pair of sunglasses that will accentuate your facial features and overall look. Virtual try-on is a convenient feature that gives anyone the freedom see how they will look in a pair of glasses or sunglasses before buying them.

 I loved the Wayfarers, but I have a narrow oval face shape. They stood out too far for my taste.

We certainly agree on the choice of wayfarers, they are a great choice for a sunglasses shape, characterized by a trapezoidal frame shape and thicker rims, and aesthetically appealing to any independent thinker who is looking to take on the world with her new and innovative ideas.

Tips For Seasonal Trends

It is certainly easy to tell that Simone is an individual thinker who creates her own unique style and who is quite in-tune with the fashion world, so naturally we took the opportunity to pick her brain a bit on what she thought would be some of the upcoming eyewear trends that we could expect this Winter and next Spring/Summer.

Smoonstyle Summer

Image by Simone Simons


In summer you always see the fun, coloured flashy lenses. Now the flat lenses are a total hit. I don’t own any, yet ;). My guess would be the classic black and white frames. Either combined or separately.”After a wild affair with the colour full and futuristic frames, a toned down, classic always is a safe choice. I am currently enjoying my Celine Tilda very much. Fits to almost every outfit and offers great protection from the sun as well.

The Quirky Side of Life

With all that covered, we obviously got into some interesting facts about Simone too:

“It’s 4am on a Saturday night and you’ve just returned from a social event with your friends… You’re exhausted but starving! What would you eat to satisfy your late night cravings?”

A burger

Mmmm, the cravings are coming out as we speak.

Okay so we’ve dived a bit into Simone’s professional life, we’ve even gotten a few golden nuggets from her unique fashion sense, so let’s get quirky for a little bit.

“Do you have any unique interests or special talents that your fans may be surprised to discover about you?”

 I can roll my eyes both in different directions.

Smoonstyle Fashion

Image by Simone Simons

Bye For Now

Our time with this wonder woman was nothing short of incredible, from start to finish, and just to seal off this fashion inspiring and passion filled gem , we opened up the floor for any final interesting things about her that followers would be interested to know:

My home town is Heerlen, the Netherlands. I moved to Germany many years ago because of my husband. I simply love Germany. The nature is so beautiful here, the people are nice and I speak the language which is always a plus.

Simone’s journey is one that we will certainly continue to follow and enjoy as she continues to rock stages and inspire us with her remarkable outlook on life…in her own SmoonStyle tale.

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