A Passion For Eyewear

A Passion For Fashion – Em Talks Style Revelations

A Passion For Fashion – Em Talks Style Revelations


‘I actually started a blog to get onto my University course, I never imagined it would become my full time job,’ admits Em Sheldon, the Leeds born university student-turned-jet-setting fashion blogger. Only a few months after graduating, Em can add a successful career under her immaculate belt as well as landing an Adidas campaign, winning the Cosmopolitan Best Newcomer award AND the Sir Peter Thompson enterprise award.

I live by the 80/20 rule. That is, healthy 5 times a week and then the other 2, enjoy and live life.


We caught up with Em in between her trip to the Maldives, back to London for a three hour shoot and then back to the Maldives (we’re not jealous!)…. Read on to find out more about her journey to becoming a style superstar in the fashion blogsphere and some of her tips on making it big.

Can you tell us a little bit about what you were doing before you started running EmTalks? What inspired you to create a blog and how has it transformed your career?

I was studying at the university of Leeds and working part time in a retail store. I was actually told to start a blog to get onto my University course, I never imagined it would become my full time job!


There must be many ups and downs of blogging as a career – luxurious hotels, exclusive events and delicious foods meshed together with stressful deadlines, sleepless nights and creativity lulls…Can you tell us what you consider as the greatest satisfaction of being a fashion blogger as well as the biggest challenge you have faced since you started your style blog?

The great satisfaction is being able to work for myself and hopefully, inspire other women. There are many downs to it and I do find juggling everything extremely challenging!

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Since you started blogging we have watched your success soar with increased social media followers every week and a large following for your blog. What do you think has worked well for you to get more traffic to your blog?

I feel like the best way is to just be you, you really are your niche and if you work hard enough, eventually a strong, loyal audience will follow.

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When you hear the phrase “style icon” who comes to mind? We know most people have their own style icons that they’re always checking up on for fashion inspo. Can you describe your own personal style and if there a person who inspires your style? 

I love Karlie Kloss and Mollie King. For me, they’re more modern but I also adore Victoria Beckham. I think my personal style is clean and simple – basic colours and simple styles which are easy to mix and match.

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We know you’re a huge fan of Saint Laurent, after featuring many on your blog in collaboration with SmartBuyGlasses. Can you tell us why you chose this brand in particular? How do you feel about eyewear in general?

I have always adored Saint Laurent, from their bags to their make up. They’re timeless, classy and their designs are beautiful. I definitely think glasses are a great touch to any outfit, it makes even a walk to the gym better as it adds a hint of glamour and that enigma too. You can definitely pop them on with a leather jacket and skinny jeans for a killer sleek look!



Everyone has their own personal taste in eyewear – can you tell us a bit about yours? What are your go-to shapes, colours and brands? Do you usually stick to the safe choices or do you ever buy something a little crazy just to give it a try?

I always go for round shapes; they’re my favourite. I have a trusty pair by Ray-Ban and Celine. I do tend to play it safe though – my dream sunglasses are a pair of Dior shades which have a cat eye shape. I definitely think metallics are here to stay, over the top, mirrored lenses and copper/rose gold too!

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And just a few questions for fun… It’s 4am on a Saturday night and you’ve just returned from a social event with your friends… You’re exhausted but starving! What would you eat to satisfy your late night cravings?

Pizza! But when I’m trying to be healthy, a Naked bar and some cereals to put me to sleep! Crumpets are always great too.

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Do you have any weird or unique interests/hobbies/talents that your fans may be surprised to discover about you?

I love cycling! The outdoors is my absolute favourite, as much as I love cities and the beach, I love nothing more than British fresh hair in the country side!

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Greatest achievement outside of blogging?

Somehow managing to get a degree from a highly regarded university whilst running two businesses!

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Two things in your bag you can’t live without?

Espa lip oil to always hydrate my lips and Kiehls cactus spray to hydrate my skin on the move all day!


Check out Em’s superbly stylish blog here . You can also see out which sunglasses she is wearing and follow her daily jaunts on Instagram for more.

Image credits: Em Talks and Pinterest

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