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La Petite Noob: The Style Blogger With A Twist

La Petite Noob: The Style Blogger With A Twist


When you think of the words ‘style’ and ‘blogger’, the most common thing that comes to mind is ‘fashionista’. A person who spends a substantial amount of their time writing about their inspirations and fashion trends. Someone who you would not for one second guess that their former occupation was a licensed funeral director. The blogger behind La Petite Noob, Joëlle Anello, has a life story that is quite an enigma: a blogging cliché with a twist of unusual and unique extras that every reader should admire.

La Petite Noob: The Style Blogger With A Twist

Can you tell us a bit about what you were doing before you started your blog? What inspired you to create a blog and how has it transformed your career?

Originally, I had started my blog La Petite Noob as a creative outlet and escape from my very stressful career – I was a funeral director, believe it or not! What started off as a hobby eventually transformed into my biggest passion and has led me to where I am today! Now I’m able to work for myself, meet so many amazing people and collaborate with brands that I have loved my whole life. It really is a dream!


There must be many ups and downs of blogging as a career.  What would you consider as the greatest satisfaction of being a fashion blogger as well as the biggest challenge you have faced since you started La Petite Noob?

Certainly blogging has many highs and lows; I am so thankful for the experiences and opportunities that blogging has given me, but they are not without hard work. One of the biggest challenges as a blogger is time management. Events and press trips are fun, but they require lots of dedication to still get blog posts published and deadlines met while doing so.

Style details

When you hear the phrase “style icon” who comes to mind? And is there a person who is a fashion inspiration to you?

My personal style is simple and feminine. I definitely love the colour pink, so that shines through in all of my outfits! I find fashion inspiration everywhere, especially when people watching on the streets of Toronto. My biggest style icon is definitely Olivia Palermo – that girl can honestly do no wrong! I also love the classic elegance of Kate Middleton.


Olivia Palermo by Max & Co

We know you are a huge fan of Fendi, after featuring  their sunglasses on your blog in collaboration with SmartBuyGlasses. How do you feel about eyewear in general, and would you say that glasses are the finishing touch to any outfit?

Fendi is just so timeless, so it was the perfect choice when choosing a brand of eye wear to collaborate with.  I definitely feel as though the perfect pair of glasses can completely transform  an outfit. Taking something otherwise simple and elevating it to the next level. I truly think that glasses are the one accessory that are appropriate for any time, any mood and any season.

fendi-eyewearEveryone has their own personal taste in eye wear – can you tell us a bit about yours? 

I actually tend to make my biggest fashion statements with my eye wear.  It’s so fun to put on an eclectic pair of sunglasses and have them transform your confidence and mood!  My favourite brands have always been Celine and Fendi, however I’m really into Chloé sunglasses lately. They’re so boho and fun!

Just for fun…

Do you have any weird or unique interests/hobbies/talents that your fans may be surprised to discover about you? As well as your favourite thing to do in the Fall season?

I think that fact that I am a licensed funeral director is the biggest shock for most people! I’m also a bottomless pit when it comes to food, so most people are shocked by my appetite when we first go out for a meal. My favourite thing about Fall is the gorgeous scenery that we Canadians get to experience!  I love going for long walks through a forest of changing leaves in the Fall, with a hot coffee in-hand.


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