A Passion For Eyewear

Fashion Inspired by the World Expo


Modern fashion is something to be surprised by. While we expected 2010 to feature flying cars, interaction with aliens and everyone wearing skin-tight, vinyl jumpsuits that just isn’t the reality. We’re still wearing Ray-Ban Pilots, we still drive Ford Automobiles run on oil, and we still have to walk rather than float from place to place. Essentially nearly every glimpse of the future provided by literature and film was wrong.

There is one area of global culture, however, that has continued to advance even while others have stagnated. Fashion, for example, has continued to expand and push the limits of design, as has architecture. We live in an age of experimentation on both creative fronts. The Shanghai World Expo is a great example of the innovation and creativity possible in architecture. And we can see fashion modeling itself after this forward-looking discipline. Ready-to-wear clothing at top stores like H&M are not only fashionable, but they defy the old idea that ready-to-wear clothing could not be fashionable as well as mass produced or accepted by western culture.

Design houses like Prada, Gucci, Versace and others are now reassessing the ready-to-wear markets and branching out. Even Wal-Mart in the USA has designers doing their $7 shirts. With the ready-to-wear market expanding, these designers are taking a page right out of the architecture book and making modern design, clean lines, infusions of shapes and colors and sheer creativity to the masses. You can expect more fashion reminiscent of the pavilions at the World Expo to appear in stores near you. Expect Asian influences, clean and fresh lines, huge statements done in unique ways, and accessories that are bolder than ever.

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