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Fashion Week


Fashion has been in the spotlight recently in a big way. From the various fashion week shows around Europe and the US, to the recent hit success of India’s fashion week, we’re finding new hot designers every second of the day to rival the big names like Dior and Versace. But with the recent red carpet runways we’ve been watching the celebrities and what they think will be hot in the coming months and what they reveal is startlingly different than what designers have planned for this summer and fall.

Red, grey and champagne are the color palates that the celebrities are loving, especially bright red. This pays homage to the stars of old when red was almost always reserved especially for super occasions of importance and charm. The hottest stars in Hollywood are slipping into red recently, marking a change from the ‘new colors’ trend of high fashion like mauve and burnt ember.

Fashion weeks around the world are pushing bold colors, but across the spectrum from reds to greens, blues and even start contrasting pieces like black and whites. The looks are modern, with timeless effects, like sashes, bows and ribbons. Expect to find complex designs on the racks of ready-to-buy stores that could go so far as to involve built-in shawls, see-through skirts (with liners) and longer than floor-length dresses.

With Hollywood pushing bright red, and fashion weeks pushing bright blues, greens and blacks, this is going to be an exciting year. Ruffles, bows, slips, shawls and ribbons adorn every design on the runway while the red carpet is keeping it simple with over the shoulder, spaghetti strap and halter designs that seem timeless.

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