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Le Specs – The Jet Set Trendsetter

Le Specs – The Jet Set Trendsetter


Le Specs: The Neo Noir and The Whaam Model

Originally founded in 1979 but relaunched in 2006 by Sunshades Eyewear, Le Specs had its first run of success in Australia in the 1980s, where it was synonymous with youthful Euro chic. A trend-setter, the brand has garnered fans across the fashion world, with Beyonce and Rihanna among the celebrities seen sporting them. With two fingers on the pulse of fashion and strong, distinctive branding, the brand are carving a name for themselves in the highest style circles.


Le Specs

The Le Specs Neo Noir.


So what are they offering? Across a wide range of models, and all at very affordable prices, there’s something to suit every taste, and of course they’re on the cutting-edge of contemporary eyewear design. From the two-tone trend embodied in the NEO NOIR, to the poolside party flair of the WHAAM! and the nautical flavor of the PORTHOLE, Le Spec’s current collection is as diverse as it is cool.


Le Specs

The Le Specs Whaam!


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