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Mercedes Benz Sunglasses and Glasses

Mercedes Benz Sunglasses and Glasses


Car branded products have been around for a while now. When they were first introduced there was a heavy focus on brand saturation. Logos would be printed onto anything and everything and then sold to the masses for a quick profit. The 90’s was the golden age of this trend and you couldn’t turn around without bumping into someone wearing a car branded item. People quickly grew tired of seeing car companies just pumping out this tat to make a quick buck and sales dropped dramatically. The industry had a reboot and put their skills to good use.

The car industry is a leader in design and it’s crazy that it took so long for companies to catch on to this. Porsche was a little ahead of its time as it had a separate department dealing solely with product design but the rest were lagging behind. But along came the day when they put their design skills to good use and started to make some pretty cool stuff. One of the companies actually leading the way now is Mercedes Benz. Yes you read that right (you know, just in case you missed the title).

Mercedes Benz Eyewear

The Mercedes Benz eyewear collection strays away from the trashy and sticks solely to the stylish, luxurious and prestigious design that the brand has become famous for. The Mercedes Benz company has always been an innovator in the automobile field and was the first company to produce a petrol powered car. This history of innovation is something that has stuck with the company as it has continued to grow and the eyewear collection is a perfect example of function meets design.

Mercedes Sunglasses

The Mercedes Benz Sunglasses range is really a treat for the eyes. Shapes are a great mix of classic and modern and the colours used really give the collection an extra edge. Mercedes Benz really put a lot of thought into their sunglasses collection and and made sure that they created designs that would suit all face shapes. The collection includes round frames, an unusual take on the pilot shape as well as the traditional square. All of their products are made using the best materials and I really love the matte finish that a lot of their collection has. It’s a really nice change from a lot of other brands out there.

Mercedes Benz SunglassesMercedes Benz SunglassesMercedes Benz Sunglasses


Mercedes Glasses

Glasses from the Mecedes Benz Glasses collection are every bit as stylish as their sunglasses counterparts except they stick to the more traditional shapes and colours. Expect to find the usual mix of square, rectangle and round in some typical colours like yellow, red and blue. The design is great and they’re really easy to wear. A great choice if you’re looking for something very neutral that will go with any outfit.

Mercedes Benz Glasses Mercedes Benz Glasses Mercedes Benz Glasses


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