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O’Neill Ski Goggles

O’Neill Ski Goggles


O’Neill is pretty much a mainstay of the UK high-street and I’m sure we all remember begging our parents for an O’Neill hoody when we were like 13 (or 21 whatever). Originally set up from a beach side store in San Francisco, O’Neill was actually the inventor of the wetsuit and has managed to recreate this success across all that the brand has done. Starting with this passion for helping extreme surfers perform their best, O’Neill managed to make its presence known across all areas of the sports clothing industry and has become one of the biggest names around. With such a reputation for the extreme, it’s no surprise that O’Neill ski goggles really stand up to the big boys.

ONeill Ski

O’Neill ski goggles are made for anyone, even if you consider yourself a pro you might want to consider O’Neill Jib Polarized Goggles. These functional goggles come with two lenses that are perfect for different kinds of light and they’re polarized too which means your performance won’t be affected  by glare from the snow. If you’re looking for something a little more cool then be sure to check out O’Neill Dodge Goggles. Functional and pretty damn badass, these ski goggles are sure to get you noticed for the right reasons on the slopes (even if you do ski like drunk Bambi). All O’Neill ski goggles are manufactured using the best materials and are sure to last you season after season plus the lenses are anti-fog and anti-scratch, so you’ll always have a crystal clear view of those powdery slopes. Head over to the SmartBuyGlasses website to check out the whole range of O’Neill ski goggles. And remember, looking the part is pretty much 90% of skiing anyway. Check out some of their photos from the women’s ski campaign too. They’re pretty awesome.


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