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Randolph Engineering

Randolph Engineering


This American grown company encompasses everything that the American dream should. Two Polish immigrants decided in 1972 to start their own company in Randolph, Massachusetts that would focus on creating high quality materials for the optical industry. In the late 70’s, the company was commissioned to produce eyewear for the military, introducing a line of pilot shaped sunglasses for the US air force. This contract meant the company started making over 200,000 pairs a year. By the late 1980’s the company had expanded into the commercial market after many people saw just how great their items were and the rest, as they say, is history.

One of the major reasons the brand has seen continued success and popularity is their dedication to innovation. I think we all pretty much know what sunglasses look like. There’s the frame and then the arms which go to your ears and curve a little. Well Randolph realised that this design wasn’t practical for pilots who spend a lot of time with their helmets on, making traditional sunglasses uncomfortable. So they crafted some unique shapes, the Bayonet and the Cable. The Bayonet is designed to stay on the wearers head without needing to curve around the ears. And the cable is extra curved, ensuring that it stays on in the toughest conditions. The brand has also acquired a cult following thanks to its appearance in music videos and TV series like Mad Men, seen on the character of Don Draper.


Born on principles of high quality and durability (they were made for the air force after all), Randolph Engineering sunglasses have become increasingly popular with those looking for stylish and durable eyewear. Plus the company still manufactures all of its products in the USA and is still owned by the two families that created it.  The styles in the collection are almost all based around that original pilot shape but with a few added details to make the pairs stand out. With quality at the heart of the product, materials like 24 karat gold and glasses lenses are used in their designs. Randolph Engineering is sure to be your American Dream.

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