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Rick Ross ft. Cazal face tattoo

Rick Ross ft. Cazal face tattoo


Love Cazal? I think Rick Ross loves it more. Seriously, he has a tattoo on his face to prove it.


Just before his 39th birthday Rick Ross decided to get an array of face tattoos, one of them being Cazal eyewear’s logo under his left eye.

It’s long been known that he is a big fan of Cazal but would he seriously get the name inked onto his face just to indefinitely proclaim his love? Evidently, yes.

Rick RossRick Ross
Maybe he got a lifetime’s supply of Cazal sunglasses for the endorsement, which almost justifies the act considering they come at around $300-$500 a pop.

On the other hand, he is Rick Ross so he can do whatever the **** he pleases.


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