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Spy Sunglasses: Happy Lenses for Happy People

Spy Sunglasses: Happy Lenses for Happy People


In the words of Spy:

We have a HAPPY disrespect for the usual way of looking (at life). This mindset helps drive us to design, market and distribute premium products for people who “live” to be outdoors, doing intense action sports, motorsports, snow sports, cycling and multi-sports—the things that make them HAPPY

This focus on performance eyewear has really set Spy apart in the world of sunglasses. This California company has been serving up the hottest eyewear since 1994 and instantly captured the sports market. Their striking designs really set them apart from their competitors, offering these new athletes something functional and fashionable.#

Spy Sunglasses Happy Lenses

Happy Lenses

The other differentiator from their competitors is their Happy Lens. Spy believes that by harnessing the power of the suns rays. their lenses can actually not only help you see better, but actually make you happier. They attribute this to a special filter that blocks out the suns harmful red rays and only let’s in the blue rays. These blue rays are responsible for releasing chemicals like Dopamine and Seratonin in the brain that make us happy. They’re so convinced that their technology works that they have a patent-pending for its therapeutic qualities.

So shout hallelujah come on get happy and pick up a pair of Spy sunglasses.

Spy Sunglasses Happy Lenses


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