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“If Chanel liberated women, Yves liberated fashion”.

This  quote tells us all we need to know about Yves Saint Laurent. He was forward thinking, original and one of the worlds truly inspirational designers. Even years after his death, the YSL brand is known for its shocking take on fashion. The original fashion bad boy, Yves Saint Laurent was the first to produce a ready to wear collection and shock the world with his own naked portraits.

Yves Saint Laurent

Originally renowned for designing ‘le smoking’, the first tuxedo for women, his creations have since gone on to inspire legions of designers worldwide and the name is always associated with the latest trends and finest quality. The brand kind of lost its way over the years and there was a time when the YSL logo was on just about everything so the company decided to rebrand as Saint Laurent, bringing the company back to its classic routes.

This classic design is evident in the brands latest Saint Laurent eyewear collection. Both the Saint Laurent Sunglasses and Saint Laurent Glasses collections are full of bold and innovative designs that give your outfit that added pop. The brand has really brought a retro element to its eyewear using vintage shapes and colours and producing an advertising campiaign that looks straight out of 80’s Vogue. The campaign is beautifully simple and really showcases the YSL glasses and sunglasses perfectly.


The brand has recently gained a lot of attention thanks to the release of Yves Saint Laurent, a biopic based on the life of the man himself. The film tells us the story of how the man who was fired from Dior went on to create the eponymous clothing line we know today. Obviously drama unfolds etc. but you’ll have to watch the film to know the rest. In the meantime checkout the YSL collection at SmartBuyGlasses to make sure you’re not sartorially dismissed.

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