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12 Days of Christmas Instagram Competition

12 Days of Christmas Instagram Competition


Christmas came a little early this year

To really kick off December and the holiday season we had an amazing 12 Days of Christmas competition (check the #12daysofChristmasSBG on Instagram). For 12 days we had one giveaway every day, starting 1st of December until 12th of December! Doesn’t it sounds great?! Perfect for the ones who cannot wait for the festivities to start. The giveaway was in collaboration with our favourite fashion influencers and travel bloggers and you were asked to share your best Christmas memory with us to win a pair of designer sunglasses from SmartBuyGlasses.

Day 1: @roamaroo

First out was the amazing travel couple @roamaroo. They call themselves Mr. & Mrs. Worldwide and with all right to do so. In 2015, they decided to take the plunge and travel the world full-time.  They rented their house, quit their jobs, and threw caution to the wind all with an end goal of viewing the world and all its wonders. From their blog you can discover the most unique destinations and authentic experiences and get inspired by their active vagabond lifestyle.


Day 2: @dressmeandmykids

@dressmeandmykids is our inspiring French mum of two wonderful kids, living with her family in Bordeaux. She has a big interest for fashion and in her blog she writes about everything from shopping and travelling to what she is doing in her daily life. Follow her on her blog and become a part of her lovely family and everyday life.


Day 3: @canadianfashionista1

@canadianfashionista1 was responsible for the third giveaway in our #12DaysofChristmas. She is a Canadian fashionista and runs a beauty and lifestyle blog where she inspire all ages with her passion for fashion and style along with tips and tricks on how to get the best look for your personality. Get a glimpse into her life by following the blog!


Day 4: @stylebyjosephine

@stylebyjosephine is originally from Denmark, but is now living in Bristol, UK. She runs an amazing Danish Fashion & Interior blog with that Scandinavian touch. If you need ideas and inspiration what to give your friends and family for Christmas, she has several wonderful tips for you. Follow her to get the latest trends.


Day 5: @louise.xin

Day 5 was represented by our stunning @louise.xin. She is a fashion blogger, based in Sweden, with a great interest for design. Her blog is filled with amazing photos and her professional sense of style is shining trough in everything that she does. Recently she started sharing photos of models wearing her own designed clothes and the result is breathtaking. Follow her on her journey through fashion and design.


Day 6: @shortpresents

Half way through #12DaysofChristmas with @shortpresents. She runs an award winning lifestyle blog that focuses on food, fashion, beauty, and travel. Her blog is warmhearted and friendly with the motivation to inspire her readers to feel good with themselves, both inside and out. Through the blog, she shares beauty and style advice along with delicious recipes and travelling tips.


Day 7: @cottds

@cottds is our fabulous Day 7 ambassador. This stylish mom lives in the Netherlands and on her blog you will find everything about her personal style, her wardrobe and what she gets inspired by. You will find her mostly active on her Instagram account, however, she still updates her blog now and then. She is obsessed with black, leather and designer shoes and that is exactly what you will find on both her Instagram and blog. We love her and hope that you will do too!


Day 8: @meetmeinparee

Lucky number 8 is our lovely @meetmeinparee. Her photos are filled with light and colour that makes your whole day a little brighter. Through her Fashion & Lifestyle blog she especially shares her passion for French fashion. So, let yourself fall in love with the beauty of Paris with @meetmeinparee.


Day 9: @streetandgentle

@streetandgentle runs a personal Fashion blog on Instagram which has become one of the most successful “male fashion” accounts in Germany.  He wants his looks to be stylish, yet affordable. Therefore, he always aims to combine luxury items with brands like H&M and Zara. Follow @streetandgentle and get everyday inspiration and updates of the latest fashion trends for men.


Day 10: @monmondefou

Maraja runs a successful account on Polyvore where she keeps her followers updated on the latest trends within fashion. Her sets can include everything from how to get the best cosy holiday look to a fab party outfit and is filled with everyday inspiration for your wardrobe. untitled-design-6

Day 11: @smoonstyle

Day 11 could not get any better than this. In charge was our Dutchie blogger @smoonstyle, now living in Germany. She has a Fashion & Lifestyle blog where she shares everything from food, style, trends and what comes with everyday life. You also get a little sneak peak from her amazing career as a lead singer in EPICA. Follow her behind the scenes of her life and have fun!


Day 12: @rcitystyle

Last but not least, our gorgeous @rcitystyle ruled the last day of the 12 days of Christmas. Since 2014, she runs the Canadian Fashion & Lifestyle Blog, Rose City Style Guide. With this blog she celebrates and inspires daily style, beauty and home décor with the aim to encourage her readers to add a little style to their lives! Now she is pregnant and on the blog you can read her own story and how she tries to stay active in her pregnancy. Have a look at her lovely blog!


Thank you everyone for your participation in our 12 Days of Christmas giveaway and thanks to all our bloggers for these amazing prizes! We really hope you enjoyed the 12 days as much as we did! Stay tuned for more giveaways!

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