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Back to School! What Pair Will You Wear?


Excited? Probably Not.

It’s that time of year again. After a summer packed with adventuring, partying and lounging around, Autumn comes around and suddenly the late night cram sessions and hours of crying in your room return. Excited? Probably not, right? At least one thing you can look forward to is flaunting around class with your new pair of glasses! Find out which glasses are in style right now, just in time for class.

Large, Square Frames


For years now large frames such as the Ray-Ban RX5228’s have been a favourite of students all around the world. Looking smart, sexy and trendy at the same time, Oversized square frames will definitely make you stand out. The larger frames accentuate your eyes, since they close in around them, making the eyes the primary focus of your face.


Large square frames are suitable for a majority face shapes, and look particularly good on people with either round, heart or oval shaped faces. Square frames like these Tom Ford FT5304’s also look great with many outfits, so you never have to worry about whether or not you should wear glasses when you leave the house or go to class again.


Some more audacious pairs of Square framed glasses include Ray-Ban Clubmaster’s or Tom Ford Classic’s, which are a blend between Square and Wayfarer shapes. These models are more stylish and appealing than traditional Oversized Square glasses and may be worth trying on.

Rectangle frames


Looking good in all occasions, rectangular glasses are a timeless classic. Glasses like the Gucci GG 1066’s or the Tom Ford TF5209’s offer a lot in terms of versatility and looks.


People who don rectangle frames like the Ray-Ban RX6238’s are generally associated with having high intelligence and academic prowess, making these perfect for not only school, but events and meeting that you may find yourself attending. Similar to Square frames, Rectangular frames also look particularly good on people with round, heart or oval shaped faces, but can also look great on square shaped faces too.

Round and Oval


Round and Oval shaped glasses are for focused and driven individuals who are very dedicated on their studies. Round glasses like the Persol PO3092V’s have an academic yet fashionable vibe to them, while Oval ones like the Ralph Lauren RA7045’s make you seem like you have a no-nonsense style towards you.


Both styles look great on people with more square faces, but can also look particularly good on oval faces too. These types of glasses should definitely be worn in a more work oriented environment, such as school, study sessions or meetings.

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