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Beyonce to Partner with Topshop. Sunglasses Potential?


Arguably the worlds best known woman right now, perhaps being pushed into second place by best frenemy Kim K, Beyoncé is running the world. She releases hit after hit, has an adorable and loving family and is just generally seen as one of the nicest people in show-business. There is however one thing that Beyoncé has had a little difficulty doing: Dominating the fashion world.

Beyonce Style

When it comes to fashion and music, there’s a close bond. Artists are generally seen as the most fashionable people of the time or at the very least they push the boundaries. Lady Gaga and her meat dress (and every other random thing she’s worn), Miley Cyrus and her nude crop top and pants at the VMA’s, the list goes on and on. One woman however seems to be firmly missing from most of those lists and that’s Queen Bey. Her style is great and she always looks super hot and super fashionable but it’s her lack of risk that seems to take away from her reputation as a style superstar. Having released a (less than successful) collection with her mother Tina and her only average job for modelling for H&M, Queen Bey may finally have struck fashion gold.

Beyonce for Topshop

The megastar has signed a contract with Topshop to co-produce a new collection. This is a first for Topshop as other collaborations are just that, collaborations under the name of Topshop (sorry Kate Moss). Beyoncé will be the first to launch a completely new line going 50/50 with Sir Phillip Green. The collection is cashing in on the Sports Luxe trend that seems to be unstoppable right now. This could be the arena that Beyoncé shines in as she has sported some pretty badass clothes for a lot of her music videos that would be perfect for this kind of collection.

The thing I’m most looking forward to is seeing what she’ll produce. I’m hoping that she’ll go beyond the norm and not just try to rip off Alexander Wang’s early work. Plus given that she’s rocked some pretty awesome shades in the past, perhaps she’ll put these into the collection too? I for one would love to walk down the street in the sunglasses (not sure if they could really pass for sunglasses) she rocked in the Diva video. Anyway, we’ll have to wait for 2015 to find out. In the meantime why not get ahead of the trend and check out the range of Sports Sunglasses on the SmartBuyGlasses website to get yourself ahead of the Sports Luxe trend.



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