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Celebrity Sunglasses


When you think of high fashion, do you think of Coco Channel? Do you think of Alexander McQueen or Ermenegildo Zegna? You should?! But more likely than not you are picturing Old Navy clothing and H&M sunglasses. Fashion is either elite and new or else it is designed for mass consumption and overly accessible. H&M is an example of low brow fashion while Alexander McQueen is an example of high brow fashion, real fashion and an understanding of colors, shapes and design.
When celebrities wake up in the morning they don’t put on sub-par designs. They go for the gold. They put on designer eyewear, designer clothing and they go out there and continue to stay on top because they keep their eye on the ball. If you want to be a star, you have to start off thinking of yourself as a star, wake up and put o designer clothing and accessories and act and live the part. You want to be a celebrity? Wear celebrity sunglasses!
Jack Nicholson, pictured here, I wearing a fashionable and chic pair of Ermenegildo Zegna sunglasses with a fashionable amber tinting. Paired with a suit, this fashionable look does more to give Nicholson a younger look than years of face creams and Botox, neither of which really suits his image. But neither does wearing high-fashion seem like a particularly Jack Nicholoson activity. This only proves that all of Hollywood is trying, clawing even, to stay on top, and using fashion and the general public perception of fashion to win an audience and thus studio support—something they could not achieve without the designs of high fashion experts.


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