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Comfortable Sunglasses for Autumn


Autumn is upon us, so toss out your bright summer shades and slip into the more reasonable fall colors and styles, like the ever-popular fall Tom Ford shades for women in burnt auburn and brown hues. THese two hotties are wearing the ever popular Tom Ford Whitney Sunglasses (thanks god it’s not the Jennifers Angelina).Your entire wardrobe needs to change for fall and while it can be a depressing time for many people, it’s also one of the better color combination seasons. You get to wear colors that bring out your natural hues and highlight natural tones. It’s the most clear and natural of seasons.

But autumn colors are not to be abused. Don’t wear all brown or all dark reds or greens. This is extremely tacky and every fall we see dozens of people clad in all one color. This is disgusting and should always be avoided unless you plan on wearing beautiful, bright jewelry and scarves. An all brown outfit with turquoise jewels and a bright scarf runs the risk of actually working, but it’s still going to look like a librarian on holiday. Keep that in mind if you are under 50 and not trying to join a new country club.

Comfort is also important in fall, the seasons are changing and sickness are on the rise. It’s a dangerous time to have your immunities low. You’ll need to keep wind and dryness out of your eyes with sunglasses that wrap around and block wind and even rain from getting in your eyes and cooling your body. Comfort is key, and in all cases you’ll want to keep yourself from getting frustrated, downtrodden or stressed, even with little things like overly snug or crappy sunglasses. Avoid this by buying high-end equipment and not skimping on your health.

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