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Eurovision 2016


Stockholm was the location of this year’s Eurovision and as second in place for the most wins in the history of the contest, you can imagine the city was buzzing with both natives and music goers from the participating countries.


This year’s Eurovision went political with Ukranian opera singer, Jamala , beating Russian Sergey Lazarev and Australian X Factor winner, Dami Im into first place. The winning song was dedicated to her great-grandmother and it’s reportedly about Stalin and Crimea, which was controversially annexed in 2014. Upon accepting her trophy, Jamala announced, ‘I know that you sing a song about peace and love, but actually, I really want peace and love to everyone.’


Jamala’s choice of song was not the only controversy and her win against hot favourite Dami Im caused a storm on social media. Check out Dami’s heartfelt version of ‘Sounds of Silence’ and let us know what you think after the jump.



Other highlights from the show include global superstar Justin Timberlake’s electric LIVE performance of “Can’t Stop the Feeling”.

Read on to find out this’s years top acts.

  1. Ukraine
  2. Australia
  3. Russia
  4. Bulgaria
  5. Sweden
  6. France
  7. Armenia
  8. Poland
  9. Lithuania
  10. Belgium

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