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Fit For Fashion x SmartBuyGlasses

Fit For Fashion x SmartBuyGlasses


Fit For Fashion, in case you didn’t know, is the hottest reality TV show to hit the airwaves. It’s a mix-up of the Biggest Loser and Next Top Model where one winner will walk away with $100,000. What’s not to love? You can catch highlights all over YouTube and it’s really interesting to actually see people transform right infront of your eyes. It also makes you think twice about stuffing that third chocolate bar into your mouth but I won’t bore you with the details (they’re too shocking for me to repeat right now).

Well in last weeks episode, we saw the contestants putting their photography skills to the test and directing their own fashion photo shoots by the marina. For the episode, we provided contestants with some SmartBuyGlasses eyewear from some major British brands like Hackett, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen and Cutler and Gross. The contstants then posed in their desired locations while being photographed by international fashion superstar Todd Anthony Tyler.

One lucky viewer even has the chance to win a $200 SmartBuyGlasses Gift Card over on the Fit For Fashion Facebook page. All you need to do is comment which sunglasses you think are the best for Matty or Citira. Simple as that. You can also find the competition on the SmartBuyGlasses Facebook page as well, so be sure to check that out.

Below are some our favourite shots from the episode and all the contestants look awesome in their sunglasses which you can shop at SmartBuyGlasses.




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