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How to Get Celebrity Style for Less


Celebrities have tons of money and personal assistants whose sole job it is to help them look good on a daily basis. So how can a mere normal mortal reach the same fashion heights as a star? Well, with a little bit of observation and attention, the feat isn’t all that impossible. There are just a few simple lessons to learn and you’ll be on the way to celebrity style, for much less than a celebrity spends.
First, throw away everything you think you know about fashion. Looking good and looking in-style are different things entirely, what you want to aim for is a look that works for you, not a look that mimics Vogue. Think of your favorite celebrities, you don’t seem them all wearing the same things or even similar things, so don’t try to mimic anyone or even a general idea of what you think is in style. Instead, focus on yourself and make a list of your attributes. For example, the Olson twins have huge eyes, whey capitalize on this. Kirstern Dunst has a simple, small town look and she adds to that with her clothing choices. Jennifer Anniston has harsh, stark features that she hides with pastel clothing and layers clothes. Whatever your features, there is a good way to enhance or hide them through fashion as long as you don’t simply buy what Red Book says it hot.
Second, your money isn’t worth the designer products if they won’t look good on you. Instead of spending thousands on clothing, focus on a few simple but definite options like sunglasses. Find a pair that works for your features by experimenting with your options online before buying. Research is king, and this will pay off. Once you have a great, fitting hair style and sunglasses the rest will fall into place as you experiment.

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