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How To Match Accessories to Clothing


Accessories are the key to any workable wardrobe. They add the icing to the cake, the final touches to an outfit that would otherwise be incomplete. But surprisingly most people don’t know how to match their accessories. They pair Tom Ford sunglasses with Jimmy Choo shoes- a no no to those in the know. So how do you make your accessories work for you? We’ll tell you!

Consistency is key. In the world of fashion cultivating a specific personality around your clothing is important. Your look should be consistently cool, or consistently retro. Don’t switch between specific looks like this or you’ll come across as a trend follower. And this is decidedly un-cool.

All things in moderation. When it comes to accessories, don’t layer too many. A scarf, hat, sunglasses and jewelry are already too many items to have just around your face area. This will come across as overly groomed, overly thought-out and overly fashionable, which isn’t fashionable at all. Moderation is key. Pick a few designer items and highlight those, like an artist would at an exhibit. It isn’t a candy shop, don’t throw in all the glam and noise at once.

Go designer or don’t go at all. Finally, when it comes to accessories, designer is the way to go. Accessories are the icing on the cake and the most important part of any wardrobe. They need to really shine. If you skimp on accessories your clothing will look cheap as well, so will your makeup and hair. The only way to really get fashionable is to accessorize with designer gear.

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