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Scratch, UV and Reflection Resistant Coatings for Glasses


Most online stores allow you to choose how many coatings you want on your lenses and what kind of lens material you want. This especially applies for prescription lenses. For example, if you wanted a pair of designer Juicy Couture eyeglasses you might at first thing that you won’t be able to get the lens material and coatings you want. If the online store if good, you’ll be able to get what you want. The exception usually being that if your prescription is quite severe some lens materials would be less efficient for you.

First, you can get high-end polycarbonate lenses, which have in most cases proven to be the best for prescription glasses. They are durable and more scratch and impact resistant than plastic, and much lighter and more versatile than glass. Polycarbonate lenses are the best on the market, and are the standard with most eyeglasses.

Most places provide the option to get anti-scratch coatings applied to your already durable polycarbonate lenses. This is a smart move. You’ll also want anti-reflective coatings that reduce unwanted reflections and provide the clearest possible vision. Finally, if your glasses and sunglasses are not offering 100% UV protection then what good are they. Even if you don’t have sunglasses when outdoors your eyeglasses should be offering some protection.

You can also have your lenses polarized, or have tinted or transition lenses installed in the frames you choose. These extra modifications cost extra, but in the long run they provide a great deal in terms of utility and fashion. SmartBuyGlasses gives you the option to really customise your lenses!

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