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Summer Festivals UK: What to Wear, Where to Go and What to Bring


If it wasn’t the gentle, warm and fuzzy feeling that told you then perhaps it was your colleague longingly looking out the window. Summer is here. Together with these new days of life giving sunshine come some of the best festivals to sink your wellingtons into. Whether you prefer to go full hippie or escape to the future in a cloud of smoke and lazers, there is something great on this summer.

What to Wear?

Every festival has its own unique vibe and culture. For some, the more outlandish the better like at the costume and themed events. For others, it may be a less usual but that doesn’t mean boring. Looking for inspiration? Here’s some of our ideas on what to wear for your next summer gig.

Where to Go?

Now that you have some design inspiration for your new outfit, it’s time to take out the red pins and mark up your summer festival map. If you haven’t set your eyes and heart upon a particular band, there are plenty of places to let loose this summer with a range of prices, locations and styles.


Bestival FestivalImage Credit: @Bestival Twitter

What? It’s not just the music that attracts over 50,000 people each year to the scenic town of Newport on the Isle of Wight. Known for its fancy dress, some attendees will go to let their imaginations really run wild with this year’s them of ‘The Future’. For others it’s the range activities on offer, from more usual arts and crafts, to the less adventurous political chatter points and petting zoo. Finishing with a fireworks display and international headliners this year, Bestival will be a feast for both the eyes and the ears for all.

When? Thursday the 8th and Sunday the 11th of September 2016.

Where? Newport, Isle of Wight.

Price? £190 for adults, £120 for teens and children under 12 FREE with ticket holding adults.

Who’s going? Bestival is attended by people from all backgrounds, including families with children and students.

Highlights: The Cure, Bastille,  Fatboy Slim, Katby B, Major Lazer and more.

Tickets: You can get your Bestival tickets here.


Lovebox Festival LondonImage Credit: @ELLEUK Twitter

What? Set on the plush green 86 hectares of East London’s Victoria Park, Lovebox has as much variety as it is huge. More than just electric house music, the festival hosts artists from rock, pop and hip-hop to indie nestled between attractions like the skateboard half-pipe and popup rave den. Don’t leave early though because this year the party rolls on with a fully stocked after dark program.

When? 15th to the 16th of July, 2016.

Where? Victoria Park, London.

Price? Prices vary according to the event. Children under 12 go free.

Who’s going? Lovebox has been called an everyman’s party, attended by tired parents, running tots, students and anyone else willing to talk over the music.

Highlights: Major Lazer and LCD Soundsystem.

Tickets: Get tickets here.


Greeman Festival StageImage Credit: @BreconCottages Twitter

What? The Green Man festival is truly an organic take on a music and cultural festival. The event covers a range of music from alternative, to indie, and rock to folk but what makes the festival really stand out is that it boasts no corporate sponsors, advertising or VIP areas. In place of these things there is a host of smaller events and communities. There is an area for the ‘Little Folk’ for families with children. Teenagers can roam off ‘Somewhere’ and get start their own creative career with acrobatic workshops and film making activities. For everybody else there are food, art, literature, dance, comedy, theater and poetry events. Starting as little more than a get together between friends in 2003, the Green Man has grown into one of the most iconic Welsh festivals.

When? Thursday the 18th of August to Sunday the 21st, 2016.

Where? Brecon Beacons, Wales.

Price? Prices vary. Find the ticket prices at the Green Man website.

Who’s going? Music fans, hippies, families and students.

Highlights: Belle & Sebastian, James Blake, Laura Marling.

Tickets: You can buy your tickets here.


Tomorrowland FestivalImage Credit: @tiesto Twitter

What? If you are serious about electronic music then prepare to be disappointed by Tomorrowland. Attended by more people than the population of Iceland, the reason isn’t the world leading artists that thump the event three days, including Tiesto, Deadmau5 and Eric Prydz. And it isn’t the lack of variety with the 20 plus stages, dressed in this year’s theme ‘the Elixir of Life.’  It’s more that local tickets sold out in under 40 minutes with the majority of international ones in less than 60 seconds.

When? Friday the 22nd to Sunday the 24th of July, 2016.

Where? Boom, Belgium.

Price? Find ticket prices here

Who’s going? Electronic music fans. This is an 18+ event.

Highlights: Deadmau5, Eric Prydz, Tiesto, Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers.

Tickets: Get your tickets here.

Melt! Festival

Cranes at the Melt FeltivalImage Credit: @meltfestival Twitter

What? One of the best festivals in Germany, Melt! hosts over 20,000 every year in the city of iron. The event takes place in a unused lakeside open air coal mine, complete with industrial train access and giant mining machines. Yes, you can even go for a quick dip. This year’s artists include Jamie xx, Chvrches, and Two Door Cinema.

When? 15th to the 17th of July, 2016.

Where? Ferropolis, 2 hours south of Berlin, Germany.

Price? From £110.

Who’s going? Electronic, rock and pop music fans.

Highlights: Jamie xx, Zomby, SOPHIE, Chvrches, Circa Waves.

Tickets: Find tickets for Melt here.


Dekmantel in AmsterdamImage Credit: @dkmntl Twitter

What? Most festivals will scour the top charts looking for the biggest names to get your ticket. Dekmantel is different. In fact, from the beginning Dekmantel has sought to carefully craft a festival that focuses on an experience of electronic music cultivation so it pulls from the ranks of the industry’s most creative artists. Loved by electronic, EDM and house devotees, Dekmantel limits itself to 5,000 tickets a day so be sure to snatch a ticket and learn first hand why bigger isn’t always better.

When? Thursday the 4th of August to Sunday the 7th, 2016.

Where? Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Price? Prices vary by performance, event, and days.

Who’s going? Electronic, EDM and house fans.

Highlights: James Holden, Tony Allen, Ricardo Villalobos, Dixon.

Tickets: Get Dekmantel tickets.

What to Bring?

So you have your tickets, plane ticket booked, and travel plan ready. Before you rush off into your summer escape spare a thought for what to take with you. We’ve put together a few handy pointers to help keep you comfortable while you get your freak on.

Rubbish Bags

Festival Tip: Take Rubbish Bags

Image Credit: Lai Masriera on Flickr

Think of the pristine lakeside of Melt! or classic rolling hills of Brecon Beacons in Wales. Take your own to help keep these places clean for others and avoid lugging around your rubbish if you can’t find a bin. Bonus points if you can turn them into makeshift shoes, bags, fixing ties or anything else should the need arise.

Battery Pack

Festival Tip: Bring an extra phone battery.

Image Credit: Garry Knight on Flickr

Festivals are great places not only for music but for meeting new friends too. Be sure to bring an extra battery pack so you can connect with new ones and to avoid losing your existing ones by missing meetings due to a powerless brick.

Body Wipes and Hand Sanitiser

Festival Tip: Hand Sanitiser

Image Credit: Andrew Braithwaite on Flickr

It’s no secret that loos at some of these events can be a little less spectacular experience than the music. Long waiting times, well worn paths, that drunk guy in front of you a little too liberal with the amenities. Try bringing baby body wipes and hand sanitiser to keep you fresh.

That Embarrassing Bumbag

Festival Tip: Wear a Bumbag

Image Credit: Stab At Sleep on Flickr

We get it, bumbags aren’t cool. But they are a handy way to carry some of the essentials. Easier than bringing a regular backpack, bumbags are a great place to stick your tickets, money or even your phone depending on secure the bag is.



Outdoor festivals are great in the best of weather. With blanket sunshine highlighting the some of the greatest names in the music or cultural industry, you may be tempted to skip out on a pair of quality sunnies. However the strong rays can be potentially harmful for your eyes, particularity off reflective surfaces. Look for a pair of polarized sunglasses which, apart from looking good, can actually decrease glare and sharpen your vision.

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