A Passion For Eyewear

Vintage glasses: in with the old, out with the new!


With well-groomed hair styles being all the rage in Hollywood it was only a matter of time before old school glasses made a comeback as well. We’re talking some real turquoise, tortoise shell, horn rimmed and cat eye designs that will be hot all through 2013.

One way to get the vintage look for cheap is to shop at second-hand shops. Here you’ll find loads of treasures, with the added bonus of putting once cherished items to good use, instead of letting them collect dust. For further proof of second-hand shopping as the new rage, try searching for “upcycle” on Pinterest.

Scarlett JohanssonRemember when bell-bottoms were back in style in the 1990s after a long break? It’s the same with cool, retro glasses. Catch the vintage wave early and you’ll be set for the rest of the season. Cat eye and large rim frames are especially hot.

Celebrities are all over this trend. Check out how sexy and geek-chic Scarlett Johansson looks in these glasses. The giant frames would’ve made legendary rock ’n’ roll star Buddy Holly proud. You can get a similar look with glasses, but Ray-Ban is the traditional method for cool. Take our advice: you might want to stick with the home brand for accuracy.

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